How long before the event should I make an appointment for a consultation?

It will depend on the season. Normally summer is a lot busier than winter especially with regard to weddings. To be safe, make your appointment for a consultation at least 5 months before the event.

How many fittings will I need?

Clients will need to come for 4 to 5 fittings. The first being your mock fitting and the following three fittings will be of the actual garment.

Can you copy a dress from a picture of a design/dress or maybe a photo of a garment that I saw in a magazine?

If you have a picture of a garment you love, bear in mind that the existing design (or a picture of any garment) was created, mocked and made by another designer for a specific person in mind. 

I prefer not to duplicate any existing design as I believe it is not ethical to directly copy the work of another designer and it is not always possible to find the exact same fabrics.

However, I can draw inspiration from your picture. ​Every lady is unique in her personality and build, and therefore deserves to have something designed uniquely for her.

Is it expensive to use a designer?

The cost of a designed dress is dependent on the amount of work and special care that goes into such a garment.  Remember that the finished product will be custom-designed and made, specifically according to your preference and your figure type. 

There should not be any reason to compromise on your needs, since this should be your one-of-a-kind, custom-made dream dress, as opposed to a dress bought directly off the rail where you might find that it does not totally meet your expectations.

Can I bring/buy my own fabric?

The fabric is part and parcel of the success of the completed garment, and thus vitally important to the unique design. Designed specifically according to your needs, this means that the style of your dress will be perfectly compatible with only specific fabrics. 

It will, therefore, be important for me to be involved in buying the fabric because buying the wrong fabric for the specific design can lead not only to a different result than the one you had pictured, but also possibly disappointment in the finished product.